steel wafer static mixer



Epoxy coated  wafer mixers available in a range of sizes from 10” to 36”.   

Storm Mixer’s wafer mixer is the perfect solution for larger wafer mixers when space and lay length are at a premium.  Designed to fit between flanges, this compact static mixer provides excellent mixing and low cost in a space saving package.


With a wide range of options and styles available, Storm wafer style mixers can easily be adapted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application.

 epoxy scotchkote wafer static mixer  storm static wafer mixerDownload Epoxy coated wafer mixer brochure (775 kb)


· Compact Design.

· Low cost, economic design reduces static mixer costs.

· Broad chemical compatibility allows for a wide range of uses.

· Can be customized to fit your requirements.

· Low energy consumption.

· Easy installation.

· No maintenance.


· Easy installation in pipelines. Fits within the bolt circle of pipe flanges.

· Epoxy coated construction insures chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.

· Unique design of mixing elements provide high levels of mixing in a short lay length.

· Adaptable to both liquid and gas stream applications.

· Available in standard and low pressure drop versions.


· Chlorine

· Ammonia

· Flocculants

· Antiscalants

· Fluoride

 Epoxy coated  wafer mixers available in a range of sizes from 10” to 36”.   For smaller sizes we recommend stainless steel or PVC construction.

Available with a wide range of injectors and additive ports

Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel.  Scotchkote 134 is a standard coating, however other coatings are available.

Wafer mixers work best when mixing aqueous/low viscosity chemicals.  For viscous chemicals such as concentrated acids and polymers, a pipe style static mixer provides superior performance.