PVC wafer static mixer

Storm Mixer’s PVC wafer mixer is the perfect solution when space and lay length are at a premium. Designed to fit between flanges, this compact static mixer provides excellent mixing and low cost in a space saving package

With a wide range of options and styles available, Storm wafer style mixers can easily be adapted to meet the exacting needs of your specific application.

Standard PVC wafer mixers available in a range of sizes from 1/2” to 36”.

Available with a wide range of injectors and additive ports.


compact wafer mixercompact ring body wafer mixer PVCDownload PVC wafer static mixer brochure (850 kb)


· Compact Design.

· Low cost, economic design reduces static mixer costs.

· Broad chemical compatibility allows for a wide range of uses.

· Can be customized to fit your requirements.

· Low energy consumption.

· Easy installation.

· No maintenance.


· Easy installation in pipelines. Fits within the bolt circle of pipe flanges.

· All PVC Construction insures chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.

· Unique design of mixing elements provide high levels of mixing in a short lay length.

· Adaptable to both liquid and gas stream applications.

· Available in standard and low pressure drop versions.


· Chlorine

· Ammonia

· Flocculants

· Antiscalants

· Fluoride


Wafer mixers work best when mixing aqueous/low viscosity chemicals. For viscous chemicals such as concentrated acids and polymers, a pipe style static mixer provides superior performance.